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The difference between DC power supply and AC power supply
The difference between DC power supply and AC power supply

Speaking of DC power supply and AC power supply, they are the power supplies we often use in our daily life and work. As consumers, we should know more about DC power supply and AC power supply in order to correctly choose the power supply that suits us in the future. Xinnuoer Xiaobian summarizes the following points to help you better distinguish between 24V DC power supply and 24V AC power supply:

1. Use power safety

12V direct current is safer for the human body than 12V alternating current, and 12V alternating current may still electrocute people in situations such as (the body resistance is reduced), and 12V direct current will not electrocute people in 100% of cases.

2. Power wave pattern

The graph of direct current (voltage) is a straight line (frequencies can be said to be 0Hz) with a constant voltage (ideally). The voltage graph of alternating current is sinusoidal (wave type) (ideal case), and the voltage period is different at each moment. Frequency = 50Hz or 60Hz, but the naked eye does not feel the light bulb after it is energized.

3. Power structure composition

First of all, we need to know the structure of the DC power supply. The structure of the DC power supply is mainly composed of a power transformer, a filter, and a voltage regulator circuit. The AC power supply is mainly composed of a high-frequency voltage device, a rectifier circuit, and a DC low-voltage load device.

4. The difficulty of making the power supply

There are many simple methods for direct current production, and special machines are required for complicated alternating current production.

5. Power loss

The transmission loss of direct current is large, so it is not suitable for long-distance transmission, and the transmission loss of alternating current is small, so it is suitable for long-distance transmission.

6. Power usage

The DC voltage is stable and has no white noise, so it is suitable for use in electronic products (such as televisions, radios, computers, etc.). The alternating current must be converted into direct current through rectification/switching power supply, etc. before it can be used by electronic products.

7. Power measurement

Using a digital multimeter to measure the 24V AC voltage and 24V DC voltage respectively, the measurement results will be different. Simple measurement method: use an induction pen (not an ordinary electric pen) to place it outside the wire sheath 24V AC will still show 24V DC but no display.

8. Calculation method

When supplying power to a resistive load (light bulb), it seems that the current formula and power formula are the same, and there is no difference. When supplying power to a non-resistive load (motor, etc.), refer to the above two answers (it seems that the current and power formulas are different, and the AC should also add the frequency, etc. variable).

9. Power peaks

According to the voltage graph, the instantaneous peak voltage of 12V AC and DC is different, the instantaneous peak voltage (12V straight)≡12V instantaneous peak voltage (12V AC)=√2×12V.

10. Power Transformer

The principle of transforming 12V AC and DC power is different. For 12V AC power: most of them are processed by coil transformers (including current transformers and voltage sensors (used for the total energy meter of the building) are all based on this principle) The principle of transformation is simple and the transformation equipment is complex (referring to volume/production process). For 12V DC: most use inverter (electronic) processing (including refrigerator voltage stabilizer / computer UPS is the principle) complex transformer principle, simple (small size) or complex (manufacturing process is complex (unless machine production) ).

11. Current conversion

12V AC to 12V DC: simple (diode + capacitor + Zener tube), 12V DC to 12V AC: complex (vibrator).

I will share with you the difference between 24V DC power supply and 24V AC power supply. Now 24V DC power supply has been widely used in all walks of life, and it is also used in the agricultural field, such as electrostatic dust removal in agricultural environment, electrostatic spraying insecticide, and electrostatic spraying of agricultural materials. Packaging, electrostatic flocking in agricultural product processing, research on electrostatic effect of agricultural biology, electrostatic sterilization, electrostatic treatment of agricultural seeds, etc.

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