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DC 48V to AC 220V 230V 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA Pure Sine Wave Rack Mount Communication Inverter
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Product Name:Pure Sine Wave Rack Mount DC 48V to AC 220V 230V 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA Communication Inverter

1.Input Voltage:48VDC

2.Output Voltage:220VAC

3.Output Capacity:1KVA~10KVA optional

4.2U rack Mount with RS485

Model:VT-HF48S220-3KVA PDF

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1. True sine wave output (T.H.D < 3%);
2. Large 128*64 digital Lcd display data information,4 led display working;
3. Standard 19” Rack mount case;
4. 5 Routes Dry contact for system (DC input fault, AC input fault, overload information, by-pass information and output fault)

Product information

Model VT-HF48S220-2KVA VT-HF48S220-3KVA
DC INPUT Rated Input Voltage(Vdc) 48V
Rated Input Current (A) 42A 63A
DC Input Range (Vac) 40-60V(104-131V recovery point)
Reflected Noise Current. ≤10%
AC Bypass Input Bypass Voltage Range (Vac) 270V-170V(±10V)
Rated Input Current(A) 9.1A 13.6A
AC Output Capacity(VA) 2KVA 3KVA
Rated output Capacity(W) 1600W 2400W
Output Voltage and Frequency 220Vac 50Hz/60Hz
Output Current(A) 7.3A 11A
Voltage Accuracy(V) 220±1.5%
Frequency Accuracy(Hz) 50±0.1% or 60±0.1%
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
THD ≤3%(line load )
Dynamic Response Time 5%((load 0←→100%)
Power Factor(PF) 0.8
Overload Capability 100%-120% 60s

121%-150% 10s

Inverter efficiency(80% line load) ≥85%
Inverter ←→ Bypass(ms) ≤8ms
working environment Dielectric Strength(Input & Output) 1500Vac-10mA,1minutes
Noise(1m) ≤55dB
Ambient Temp. -20℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~90%,No condensation
Altitude(m) ≤2000
Indicate LCD Display Input/output Voltage/Frequency/Output Current/Temp/Capacity Rate etc
Inverter Status Off Grid Status、Inverter Status、Batter Under&Over VoltageOutput Over load
Dimensions Standard 19”Rack mount(D×W×H) 482*347*88MM
Package Dimension 562*492*195mm
Weight N.W 9KG
G.W 11KG
Protection Input under Voltage/Input over Voltage/Output Over load/Short circuit


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