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LCD Display 19 Inch 220VDC to 24VDC Rack Mount DC-DC Step-Down Converter
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Product Name:LCD Display 19 Inch 220VDC to 24VDC Rack Mount DC-DC Step-Down Converter

1.Input Voltage:220VDC(180v-270v)

2.Output Voltage:24VDC

3.Output Rated Current:50Amp

4.Dimension: 482*88*245mm

Model:VT-DD220S2450 pdf

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telecom dc dc converter


  1. Output overvoltage protection
  2. Output over-current protection
  3. Output short circuit protection
  4. High temperature protection
  5. Automatic current sharing technology can realize parallel output
  6. It supports RS485 communication function (optional). Real time monitoring software is used to understand the working condition of power supply
  7. 4-way dry node: output state, abnormal output voltage, internal temperature and low battery voltage (optional)

Customize Range

  1. Input 24VDC, Output 220VDC/110VDC/48VDC/24VDC optional
  2. Input 48VDC, Output 220VDC/110VDC/48VDC/24VDC optional
  3. Input 110VDC, Output 220VDC/110VDC/48VDC/24VDC optional
  4. Input 220VDC, Output 220VDC/110VDC/48VDC/24VDC optional

Product information

Product Name 220V to 24V dc dc converter
Input voltage DC220V(180-270V)
Rated Output voltage DC24V
Rated Output current 50A(Customizable)
DC output Adjustment range of floating charge voltage 22V-27.6V
Default floating charge output voltage 26.4V
Adjustment range of equalizing charge voltage 24V-29.8V
Default equalizing charge output voltage 28.2V
OVP 30V±1V
OCP Rated±5%
Output short circuit protection Yes
Source change rate ≤±0.5%
Load change rate ≤±0.5%
Temperature coefficient 150PPm/℃
Peak ripple voltage Vpp≤100mV
Switching frequency ripple voltage Vpp≤60mV
Noise ≤1mV
Efficiency ≥85%
Environment condition Temperature 0~45℃
Humidity ≤95%PH, Non Condensing
Altitude ≤2000m
Load type Resistive, capacitive and inductive
Safety Hi-pot Test DC2500V
Leakage Current <10mA
Net Weight 6kg



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