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ESS 1000W Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Household Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation
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Features :

◆ 3 times peak power, excellent loading capability.

◆ Combine inverter/solar controller/battery all in one.

◆ Multiple output: 2*AC output socket, 4*DC 12V, 2*USB.

◆ Working mode AC prior/ECO mode/Solar prior selectable.

◆ AC charging current 0-10A selectable.

◆ LVD/HVD/Charging voltage adjutable, suitable for kinds of battery

◆ Adding fault code to monitor real-time work situations.

◆ Continuous stable pure sine wave output with inbuilt AVR stabilizer.

◆ Digital LCD and LED for visualization of operation status of the equipment.

◆ Inbuilt automatic AC charger and AC mains switcher, stwitch time ≤ 4ms.


Model Name:ESS 102P
Capacity Rated power 1000W
Peak power(20ms) 3000VA
Input Stardard battery voltage 12VDC
AC input voltage range 73~138VAC(110VAC) / 83~148VAC(120VAC) /145~275VAC(220VAC)/155~285VAC(230VAC)/165~295VAC(240VAC)
AC input frequency range 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz);55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
Output Conversion efficiency ≥85%(Battery mode); >99%(AC mode)
AC Output voltage 110VAC±2% / 120VAC±2% / 220VAC±2% / 230VAC±2%/ 240VAC±2%(Battery mode);
110VAC±10% / 120VAC±10% / 220VAC±10% / 230VAC±10% / 240VAC±10%(AC mode)
AC Output frequency 50/60Hz±1%(Battery mode); Tracking Automatically(AC mode)
AC Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
THD ≤3%(Linear load)
DC Output voltage 4*DC 12V; 2*USB(5V)
AC charger AC charging current 0~30A(Depends on model)
AC charging method Three-stage(constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
solar charger (Optional) Charging mode PWM
Max PV input voltage(Voc)
(At the lowest temperature)
PV input voltage range 15V~44V
Charge & discharge current 40A
Max PV input power 560W
Inbuilt battery Capacity 1*100AH
Battery size(LxWxH)/pcs 407*174*210(240)
Other Transfer time ≤4ms
Protection with over-voltage, low-voltage, overload, short circuit, high tempreature protections
Display LCD & LED
Cooling way Cooling fan in intelligent control
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