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VT-M series 12V 24V OEM Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters
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Product Name:VT-M series 12V 24V OEM Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters

Type:Modified Sine Inverter

Rated Power:1000W~5000W Optional

Model:1KW~1.5KW Datasheet

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The correct value of the modified sine wave for inverter output is 220V, which is the same

as the standard home power supply. Most AC voltmeters (digital and analog) use sensitive averaged waveforms in stead of RMS values. Their calibration is set at RMS voltage, which is used to measure pure waves. Using them to measure the output voltage of the inverter, it is possible to detect a low voltage 20V-30V. In order to measure accurately, please use the voltmeter which can measure the effective value.

modified inverter







1.Revolving speed of the fan intelligent control.

2.Pulse Width Modulation(PWM).

3.Soft start function.

4.Overheat and overload automatically shut down. Will automatically start again after returning to normal.

5.Input and output in a variety of ways:input 12V,24V .Cigarette lighter type,battery directly input. Output voltage AC220V 110V etc fully meet the needs of users at abroad on the AC Power.

Product information


Model VT-M1000L VT-M1200L VT-M1500L
Rated Power 1000w 1200w 1500w
Peak Power 2000w 2400w 3000w
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Output Voltage 220V
Input Voltage 12V/24V/48V optional
Input Voltage Range 12V(10V-15V)/24V(20V-30V)48V(40V-60V)
No Load Current 0.7A(12v)



Low Voltage Protection 12V(10V)/24V(20V)
Overvoltage Protection 12V(15V)/24V(30V)
Output Frequency 50HZ
Conversion Efficiency ≥90%
AC Socket 1*Mutifuntional Socket
USB Interface yes
Smart Dissipation Intelligent Fan
Protections Low Voltage,High Voltage,Short Circuit,Overload,High Temperature
Working Temperature 0-40℃
Working Humidity 20-90%RH
Weight 1.58kg 1.58kg 1.80kg
Product Size(mm) 262*150*76mm 262*150*76mm 327*150*76


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