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19” 2U size 48V 150A telecom power supply rectifier module with RS485/RS232
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Model VT-R48150
Monitor Module M30.1.2V
Rectifier Module 3048*3;(Max .Configuration 24 units )

AC input

AC input system L+N+PE/220Vac
Applicable power grid TN, TT
Input voltage range 85Vac ~ 300Vac
Input AC voltage frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz
Max input current ≤ 40.9A
Power factor ≥ 0.99

DC output

Nominal output voltage 48Vdc
Rated output voltage 53.5Vdc
Output DC voltage 40Vdc ~ -58Vdc
Output DC current 0 ~ 150A output voltage is 53.5V)
Voltage set-point accuracy ≤ 1%
Efficiency ≥ 95%
Noise (peak-peak) ≤ 200mV (0 ~ 20MHz)
Weighted noise ≤ 2mV (300Hz ~ 3400Hz)
AC input alarm and protection AC input over-voltage alarm point Default: 280Vac ± 5Vac, configurable through controller
AC input under-voltage alarm point Default: 90Vac ± 5Vac, configurable through controller
AC input over-voltage protection

recovery difference

Default: 295Vac ± 5Vac, 10Vac lower than the AC input over-voltage protection point
AC input under-voltage protection


Default: 90Vac ± 5Vac, configurable through controller

DC output alarm and protection

DC output over-voltage alarm point Default: 58vdc ± 0.5Vdc, configurable through controller
DC output under-voltage alarm point Default: 42Vdc ± 0.5Vdc, configurable through controller
DC output over-voltage protection point Default: 59.0Vdc ± 0.5Vdc, configurable through controller
LLVD Default: 46Vdc ± 0.5Vdc, configurable through controller
BLVD Default: 43.2Vdc ± 0.5Vdc, configurable through controller


Operating temperature -5°C ~ 45°C
Storage temperature -40°C ~ 70°C
Relative humidity ≤ 90%RH (30°C)
Altitude ≤ 2000m (derating is necessary above 2,000m)
Over-voltage level Level II
Pollution level Level II
Others No conductive dust or erosive gases. No possibility of explosion




Load sharing The rectifiers can work in parallel and share the current. The unbalance is better than ± 5% rated output current.

Derate by input (at 45°C)

The rectifier can output power of 100% with input voltage of ≥154Vac; The rectifier can output power capacity 1200W with input voltage <154Vac;

Rectifiers under-voltage stop with input voltage of 85Vac

Sub rack 19'' 2U size
Communication Interface South Rs485/North Rs485 & TCP/IP;Dry Contract *6
Size 482*380*88
Weight 15KG



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