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DC DC Charger for Lifepo4,Lithium,AGM,Lead Acid Batteries
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Product Name:DC DC Charger for Lifepo4,Lithium,AGM,Lead Acid Batteries


Customize Parameter:

12V to 14.6V;12V to 28V;12V to 29.2V;12V to 43.8V;12V to 56V;12V to 58V etc

Model: VT-DD1229.210C PDF

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1.Fully automatic charging: In order to continuously charge the battery, the controller can always be connected to the vehicle battery, when the charging energy stops

When it stops, such as when the car stops, the battery will not discharge in reverse.

2.Stable output voltage is 29.2V

2.ACC control port can turn off the output voltage

4.Intelligent chip with voltage wake-up function

5.100% full rated power

6.100% full stable output Current

7.100% burn-in-test

8.IP67 waterproof Epoxy potting,Anti-vibration ,Dust proof

9.Cooling by free air convection

10.Under voltage protection: Identify the starting voltage of the car and wake up the

11.Overshoot protection

12.Over temperature protection: the operating temperature range oftheshellis-40-85℃


Installation steps:

1.Turn off all power and load switches.

2.Connect the OUTPUT “+” to the positive pole of the load device or auxiliary battery. Connect the OUTPUT “-” to the negative pole of the load device or auxiliary battery

3.Connect the INPUT “+” to the main battery or generator positive pole and the INPUT “-” to the main battery or generator negative pole

4.Turn on the power and load switch, and the converter works normally.

Product information

Model DC-DC Charger
Input Voltage 12VDC
output Voltage 29.2VDC
Output Current 10A
Output Power Max(W) 292W
Efficiency 90%
Enclosures IP67
Dimension 118*80*28MM
Net Weight 1kg
Case Operating Temperature -40~85°C
MTBF 100,000 hours
Characteristic 1 100% full rated power and stable output voltage

100% burn-in test and 4 times quality inspection

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