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24V to 12V DC DC Converter Customized with ACC
24V to 12V DC DC Converter Customized with ACC

24v to 12V 5A step down DC DC converter. We customized with ACC wire Input

What is ACC? ACC is the abbreviation of Adaptive Cruise Control. It is generally used in cars, controlled by the car key, and supplies power to some devices such as car audio. In a car, ACC means that before the car is started, if there is a key ACC gear, as long as the key is turned to this position, some devices that do not consume much power, such as radios, cigarette lighters, etc., will be powered on. When the car is ignited, a strong current is needed. At this time, the ACC bit stops supplying power, and when the car is ignited, it starts to supply power again.

The white wire is ACC wire from the image.