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What is DC DC Converter?
What is DC DC Converter?

DCDC refers to a device that converts a DC power supply of a certain voltage level into a DC power supply of other voltage levels. DCDC is divided into two categories according to the voltage level conversion relationship: boost power supply and step-down power supply, and according to the input and output relationship, it is divided into two categories: isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply. For example, the DCDC converter connected to the vehicle DC power supply converts high-voltage direct current into low-voltage direct current.

DCDC refers to converting a fixed DC voltage into a variable DC voltage, also known as a DC chopper. This technology is widely used in the stepless speed change and control of trolleybuses, subway trains, and electric vehicles. At the same time, the above-mentioned control can achieve stable acceleration and fast response performance, and at the same time, it can save electricity. Replacing the varistor with a DC chopper can save power by (20~30)%. The DC chopper can not only play the role of voltage regulation (switching power supply), but also can effectively suppress the harmonic current noise on the grid side.

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