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Characteristics of Portable DC DC Converter

Portable DC DC converter with IP67 protection grade, industrial grade chip, epoxy potting glue, multiple protection

IP67 degree of protection

--IP67 is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that indicates the degree of protection provided by an enclosure against the intrusion of solids and liquids. Specifically, IP67 refers to a high level of protection against dust and immersion in water.

Industrial grade chips

--Using industrial-grade chips for a DC-DC converter ensures higher reliability, improved performance, and compliance with industry standards. These advantages make them well-suited for demanding industrial applications

Epoxy potting

---Potting a DC-DC converter is a process in which electronic components are encapsulated or embedded in epoxy resin for protection and insulation. this provides protection from moisture, mechanical stress, and environmental factors

Multiple Protections

---Our DC to DC Converter has multiple protections, including overload Protection,Overtemperature Protection,Short circuit Protection,Overcurrent Protection,Overvoltage protection ,polarity reverse protection etc.

Application of VOITA DC DC Converter

Our DC-DC converters are utilized in various medical devices and equipment. They provide regulated power conversion for medical imaging systems, patient monitoring devices, diagnostic equipment, infusion pumps, and other medical electronics.

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Customize Case of VOITA DC DC Converter

We have a variety of proven processes, as well as a variety of successful cases

Features of Rack Mount DC to DC Converter

Our Portable DC DC Converter can make isolated and Non isolated types. The customize Range from 1W~2000W with different cases. The model range covers boost dc dc converter, buck dc dc converter,buck boost dc dc converter.OEM and custom are our greatest advantages.

Work Mode

Parallel Connection Support

Parallel Connection Support

Featured Products

DC to DC battery chargers often incorporate features such as voltage regulation, current limiting, and charge control algorithms to ensure safe and efficient charging of batteries. They may also include protection features like over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and temperature monitoring to prevent damage to the batteries or the charging circuitry.

FAQ of VOITA DC DC Converter

The efficiency of a DC-DC converter is the ratio of output power to input power, expressed as a percentage. It represents how effectively the converter converts electrical power without significant losses. Higher efficiency converters are more desirable as they waste less energy.

Yes, a DC-DC converter can step-up (boost) or step-down (buck) voltage levels depending on its design. However, there are also specialized converters like buck-boost converters that can both step-up and step-down voltage.

Isolated DC-DC converters have galvanic isolation between input and output, providing electrical separation. Non-isolated converters do not have this isolation. Isolated converters are commonly used in applications where safety, voltage-level shifting, or noise isolation between input and output is necessary.

When selecting a DC-DC converter, key parameters to consider include input voltage range, output voltage, maximum output current, efficiency, operating temperature range, size, and cost. These parameters should match the requirements of your specific application.

Yes, a DC-DC converter is designed to be compatible with different types of loads, such as resistive, inductive, or capacitive loads. However, certain types of loads, like inductive loads, may require additional measures like flyback or buck-boost converters to handle their specific characteristics.

DC-DC converters find widespread use in various applications, including power supply systems, battery-operated devices, telecommunications, automotive electronics, renewable energy systems, and portable electronics. They enable efficient voltage conversion and regulation to meet the specific requirements of these applications.

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