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About the application scenarios of communication power supply
About the application scenarios of communication power supply

Communication Power Supply is also called Telecom Power Supply. The main Scope are Telecom Inverter, Telecom UPS, Telecom Rectifier

One our of production Lines is doing Telecom Power Supply.

With the development of communication network, there are more and more types of communication equipment powered by communication DC power supply. From traditional program-controlled switches to various communication equipment of third-generation mobile communication, most of them use communication DC power supply as the basic power supply. Power supply technology belongs to the category of power electronics technology, which is a collection of power transformers
It is an edge-crossing technology that integrates multiple disciplines such as switching, modern electronics, and automatic control. It has been widely used in industry, energy, transportation, information, aviation,National defense, education, culture and other fields

Here is our telecom power supply's production line show.

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